Monday, April 22, 2019

BABY KNITTS Full Circle Creations

              The Art form has changed...                                                   the Philanthropic purpose continues!

In Canada, many art shows and exhibitions take place during the winter months. Due to positive changes in my personal life, I decided to reduce the marketing of my visual art pieces. That was easier said than done, now I had to find something new to fulfill my creative mind!
I needed something portable, therefore, I decided to be creative with one of my old passions… knitting! At a young age, I learned to knit from a great teacher. A Spanish woman taught me to knit my own patterns, just by taking measurements and figuring out the designs. With this in mind, I contacted my local hospital, the Queensway Carleton Hospital in Ottawa. I had the idea to donate children knitted pieces to the Gift Shop to raise funds for the hospital. The Manager of the boutique was delighted with the idea. Afterwards, I went to Yarns Ewe’ll Love Inc. in Kanata to purchase some yarn. When I mentioned what I intended to do, the owner of the store offered to donate the yarn, if I would knit for the hospital! Wow, now I had a full circle. The yarn is donated, I donate my knitted creations; the people buy those knits from the Gift Shop, the hospital raises funds and the community benefits.
In September 2018, I started Full Circle Creations!
Since then, I have been happily knitting little creations for the hospital. The unique pieces have been very well received and have raised funds for the hospital. I have a full bag of colourful donated yarns, which give me the inspiration to continue with this creative, fruitful and fulfilling enjoyment.  
I invite you to visit:
Facebook page: Full Circle Creations
Instagram account: fullcirclecreations19
Or call: The Queensway Carleton Hospital Gift Shop at 613-721-2000 ext. 2686
These are the latest creations. 
LUCY like a little butterfly, ready for spring!

LILY strawberry season is coming soon!

KATE a little jumper to be worn with a white T-shirt!

KEVIN Perfect for a visit with Grandpa!

All the following pieces have helped to raise funds for the Queensway Carleton Hospital. They are now worn by happy little babies!











Monday, January 30, 2017


The Mexican tradition of making a "piñata" dates back to 1586, when the first Posadas were celebrated. Now a days, the Posadas start on December 16th and go on every day until December 23rd. During the Posada, friends and family play the story of Maria and Joseph looking for an inn to welcome the birth of their child Jesus. The celebration always ends with the breaking of a piñata.

The traditional shape of a piñata is star with seven points representing the seven deadly sins: Pride, Possession, Lust, Anger, Gluttony, Envy and Laziness. Traditionally, they were made with a clay pot, covered with paper Mache and decorated with brightly coloured tissue paper. Now a days they are made out of cardboard representing animals and cartoon characters, which are ideal for birthday parties.

A piñata is hung on a string, high up and bounced up and down until one of the blinded kids breaks it open with a stick, and all the sweets and fruits fall down for all the kids to gather them.

I grew up with my brothers, making a piñata every year to celebrate our Posada, as each neighbour will take turns welcoming everybody for the celebration. On keeping with this tradition, I decided to paint for myself this painting called "Piñata". It represents the traditional sever points star, a five star one and the figure of a little donkey to welcome the new forms. The bright colours represent the many colourful strings of the piñatas in the background, just like you find them in the Mexican markets!


Thursday, June 2, 2016

Sylvie's Painting

A good friend of mine, a Dr. who already owns one of my paintings, contacted me to commission a painting for another good friend of her, who was moving into a new home.

Sylvie and her two children are very special people. They not only have certain identities like a Chickadee, a Crow and a Blue Jay but they also believe in Angels! They spend their summers at a very special camping place, where they love to see the sunrise and sunset from the boat dock. All these special qualities gave me inspiration to paint Sylvie’s Painting.

It is my deepest wish for them, to find something they can relate to and to enjoy it for a long time. 

A donation was given to the Ottawa Hospital Support Patient Care and Research.

Friday, December 18, 2015



Megan is one of my twin granddaughters;
she loves to dance and I do too!

These dancing shoes were painted to honour the perseverance, dedication and most of all,
the pain my dear granddaughter Megan endured through all her dancing years.

Megan has been dancing since she was 5 years old, and to commemorate her 25th birthday, I presented her this collection of watercolours of some of the dance shoes she has used.
Throughout the years, Megan took many classes of various types of dance; each new step was practiced and repeated until it became part of her.
I don't know how many steps are in her head!


 I remember the early years, when she was about five years old, telling me:"Oma look I can point my toes!” while learning the ballet positions; trying hard to just get it right!


 A year later, she showed me her new tap shoes and she said "Look Oma they make noise!"

IRISH DANCE – soft shoe 

 Megan loved Irish Dance! It was a delight to see her learn all the intricate routines of this traditional folk dance. She enjoyed teaching me the new steps when we practiced together.


Megan’s little body started to look more like a young girl. Her coordination and musicality also started to show, so it was time to learn a new dance! Megan is a bit guarded but Jazz and Contemporary gave her the possibility to show her feelings and emotions on the stage.

IRISH DANCE – hard shoe

 Megan was such a dedicated dancer that soon she advanced to the demanding and energetic Irish hard shoe. Now, she could use her powerful legs! Her determination to learn and to practice the difficult steps brought her to win various Irish Dance competitions!  


 As a young teenager, Megan discover fun! Now, it was the right time to learn Hip-Hop. How much she loved the colourful costumes with all their glitter and showmanship!


 Megan had various teachers but her Principal was a very influential one. She insisted on Megan to continue learning ballet; a dance full of very strict rules, resulting in being the base of all dances.
Oma & Opa bought Megan her first “pointe shoes” and as the tradition dictates, I remember teaching her how to sew the tying ribbons on her new shoes.  


 All the practice and strict learning of ballet paid off on the day when Megan performed for the first time on her pointe shoes. It was a pleasure to see her glide across the stage in perfect position, shining with her feminine grace and beautiful back! 


 Megan has Canadian, German and Mexican genes. Probably the Latino genes played a big role when Megan decided to learn this type of folk dance. She loved the colourful costumes with all the ribbons and wavy skirts but most of all, she loved the shoes! Again, she could use her powerful legs to tap on the stage and show her femininity with the flirtatious movements.  


 Megan took part in numerous recitals, at times performing eight to ten different dances. She took almost all the courses available in her dance school.
Megan flourished and became a beautiful woman,
just ready to take new challenges.
One day, somebody told her to take ballroom lessons; that she had a great potential to become a great teacher. Megan went to a ballroom dance studio and in just a few months, Megan was dancing like a pro! A few months later, she was invited to take part in the Canadian National Dance Championships in Toronto. The whole family went to see her perform and win a few awards in various dance routines!


Throughout her dancing years, Megan has been a fine example of perseverance, determination and dedication for the love of dance. She has given us many happy moments. It has been a privilege to have been part of this journey.
Unfortunately, due to an injury, Megan can’t dance professionally.
With this collection of watercolours, I want to show Megan my love and appreciation for her dedication to dance!  

Friday, April 18, 2014


Marianne is a bright, intelligent and precocious ten year old girl. She is a delight to be with because of her contagious lively character, which come from her Mexican-Irish heritage. She is my grandniece, a girl just on the verge of becoming a teenager, although deep inside, she is still a child. For Christmas she attached her Santa letter to a balloon and let it fly away, hoping for a response. She is loved so she was not disappointed.

I wanted to capture this special moment in her life. I loved her photo with the hat but it really became meaningful when I added the balloon! It gave me great joy to hear her say “it is me”, when I presented her with the painting. These moments, and the possibility to make somebody happy, are the inspiration for me to continue with my painting.


For a long time now, I wanted to paint, for myself, a nice little painting of the Christmas Holly. It is a small little painting, which fits just right, on a small wall entering our dinning room. It invites people to come in and enjoy the Christmas time!

Thursday, December 19, 2013


Art &Philanthropy
This mixed media painting raised fund for "All 4 One Charity" to help cancer patients with their financial predicaments while in treatment. The financial help is offered to low income cancer patients, to cover costs of simple things that we sometimes take for granted like: transportation, daycare or groceries.

It gives me great pleasure to know that the joy I receive by crating art is used to raise funds to help the needy. Please visit my website for more information on how you can take part in

"The Art of Giving"